System for Award Management Registration (

System for Award Management (SAM) is the primary supplier database for the U.S.
Federal Government. Active entity registration is a requirement to conduct business or obtain any contracts within the Federal Government. Our services including step by step registration guidance in and annual compliance requirements.

Contract Establishments & Administration

Karnezis Consulting will assist in establishing Interim Agreements, 65IB Federal Supply Schedule Contracts or other contracting opportunities within the Federal Government (i.e., National Contracts, CMOP opportunities and DLA contracts). All aspects related to contracting administration and maintenance such as a request for modifications, quarterly reports (nonFAMP and IFF), pricelist management, and Public Law reporting are also offered.

VHCA Compliance

Beginning annually in October is the VA’s “Public Law Season”, in which manufacturers of VA “covered” drugs are required to file non-FAMP reports to establish Federal Ceiling Prices (FCPs). The season begins mid-October and is a unique program that establishes new FSS contract prices within the VA’s healthcare network. I had eleven years’ experience managing this program from start to finish, successfully guiding over 300 manufacturers through each step of the process, making recommendations to VA’s OIG/OGC and PL Policy group to keep the program moving.

Marketing Strategies

In FY19 over $12 billion in pharmaceutical purchases were made by the federal
government from FSS contracts. Marketing to the VA requires knowledge of the VA’s
organization from top down and a full understanding of the healthcare marketplace. Ted Karnezis is a trained pharmacist with dispensing experience and can assist manufacturers with individualized marketing strategies in the Federal Marketplace for hidden opportunities.

Ad Hoc Services

Budgets and jobs come in all sizes, but no job is too small, from document reviews to SOP establishments to last-minute assistance with Public Law Season.
Karnezis Consulting has the experience and knowledge to guide you through government contracting and compliance requirements.

Complimentary Consultation

Contact Karnezis Consulting for a free consultation: my goal is to assist with your compliance needs and to make the process “easy” for you.